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Custom Carpentry for Your Attic Conversion

The custom carpentry experts at The Construction Group located outside of St. Paul in Minnesota explain how custom carpentry can help create the perfect attic conversion for your home.

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Crown Molding: Your Secret Weapon for Room Finishing

You’ve purchased a home, yet it is seriously lacking one thing that you can’t put your finger on. The walls are dull, empty, and you are getting flashbacks of the dingy college apartment you shared with your roommates. Your dream home deserves the gorgeous border that has window contractors in Woodbury giddy with excitement: crown molding.

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Custom Carpentry: Beautiful and Functional

Your home is your castle, or palace as the case may be, and should reflect your personality and lifestyle. Furniture styles, paint schemes, and floor coverings can help define your living space, but custom cabinetry and fine woodworking can also work toward your goal. Whether you prefer a formal elegance throughout your home, the sheer clean design of a modern style, or the rough and practical style of a traditional cottage or cabin, your kitchen cabinets and living room mantel can demonstrate your tastes when guests come over or according to the general style you prefer to see at home.

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Simple Summer Carpentry Projects for Your Home

With summer comes a time for entertaining guests, children are home from school, and with daylight savings time you tend to spend a bit more time at home in the afternoons and evenings. These factors all make for a great time to conduct simple home repairs and upgrades to make the house more comfortable and inviting. A contractor has the tools and experience to do simple jobs in a few days rather than weeks so you don't have the ongoing mess of a job which homeowners tend to start but never finish, whether because a friend doesn't follow through and help or because they realize the project is a bit more complicated than originally anticipated.

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4 Factors to Consider When Renovating Your Fireplace

Upgrading your fireplace may seem like a small project. It’s a very small space, and it’s not used often. However, when you consider the safety implications of a failed fireplace update, then you realize renovating your fireplace is a big deal. Fortunately, by considering the four factors listed below, you’ll have no regrets when it’s time to unwind in front of your new fireplace.

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Built In Living Room Projects

Although kitchens and bathrooms are often the focus of renovations, the living room is where your family spends most of their time and the area your guests use when you entertain company. Although you may not think about remodeling the living room, there are ways to upgrade it and make the space more inviting. New paint and trim carpentry can change the feel of the room to a style which suits you, or to make a bigger change custom building projects can add focal points and help define the use of the space.

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Improve Your Home's Exterior

Whether you live in an older home which needs exterior repairs, found a great deal on a home but don’t especially like the exterior, or if you’ve decided over time you like another style better, you may at some point want to improve your home’s exterior. You may consider rebuilding the entire exterior at once or simply replace a bit at a time. There are a few things to consider as to your options and what is available in today’s market.

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Finish Carpentry Projects Add Value to Your Home

Rough carpentry adds value to your home with the extra space of an addition, deck or garage, while finish carpentry adds value by making the existing space more functional or cosmetically appealing. The sky is the limit when it comes to finish carpentry, as anything you can imagine can be done. With that said, there are typical projects with proven results that add value, beauty and function to your home.

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Your New Bathroom

Nearly every home can use a bathroom upgrade on occasion. An older house may show the signs of wear or simply be out of style while a newer house may have been built to a contractor’s generic standards without the personal touches you’d like to have available. Although fresh paint can provide a bathroom facelift, a full remodel can customize it better suit your needs.

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Carpentry Projects to Improve Your Life

If you’re like most homeowners, you have certain carpentry projects you’ve always wanted conducted to make your home nicer and your life easier. You may have been putting them off due to a known or perceived expense, or you may have second thoughts about how much you’ll really enjoy the addition, or you may not want the distraction of a construction project going on at the moment.

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