No matter how perfectly your home fits you and your family when you move in, eventually, most people will find a time when they find their home doesn’t suit them like it once did. It might need something as simple as an update, or it may require more drastic home remodeling services. This is especially true when someone in your home begins to require the use of a wheelchair.

If someone in your home struggles with mobility issues due to a health condition, our remodeling team at The Construction Group can help. Changing and renovating homes is what The Construction Group has done for more than 30 years. In this post, we’ll share some of the ways we can modify your home to make it more accessible.

Home Remodeling Services For a More Accessible Home

For individuals with mobility issues, kitchens and bathrooms present some of the greatest challenges, but important modifications can be made throughout a home to make it more accessible. Here are just a few modifications we can make to make a kitchen more functional for those in wheelchairs:

●        Lower counter height from 36” to 30”

●        Remove lower cabinets and replace with pullout storage, leaving room for legs under the counters

●        Install sinks with the faucet on one side for easier access

●        Use shallow sinks with plumbing routed further back against the wall

●        Upper cabinets can be installed lower and with lazy susans or pull-down features

●        Move outlets and switches to locations lower on the walls

Options for people with mobility impairments that are not confined to a chair:

●        Larger cabinet pulls and lever type door knobs for individuals who have decreased dexterity in their hands

●        Walk-in bathtubs and showers in the bathroom

●        Railing installed on stairs, hallways, and around the toilet

●        Ramps that assist wheelchairs can also be helpful to elderly individuals who are prone to falls

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Giving people with mobility issues more freedom to live independently greatly increases their quality of life and general well-being, and we are ready to help make those things possible. All of the above solutions can be tailored to your specific needs, and building a custom plan is just one of the things we can do for you at The Construction Group.

No matter what your needs are, The Construction Group is here to help. To get a quote on upgrading your dwelling to meet your accessibility needs, contact The Construction Group in Woodbury today at 651-731-5857. Or contact us on the web to discuss options for your home.