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Ice Dam Removal - Woodbury, Mn

Ice dams compromise the structural integrity of your roof and create a hazard for your family or guests arriving at your home. Rather than put up with ice dams, you can hire The Construction Group to remove the ice dam from the roof. We offer professional ice dam removal as a part of our residential roofing services. We have the equipment necessary to remove the ice from any residential property in Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota. When ice is weighing your roof down, call us today. We can help!

What Causes Ice Dams?

Although many homeowners in Minnesota know what ice dams are, few know what causes them. Let us explain:

As you heat your house, much of the heat rises to the top of the house. In many cases, the heat can find its way through the ceiling into the attic where it keeps the roof surface warm. Snow and ice collect on the roof but eventually melt due to the heat coming from the framework. The melting snow forms small puddles on the edge of the roof where frozen water collects in the gutter system. The melted snow freezes again and turns into ice.

Once the ice builds up, the melting snow has nowhere to go. Therefore, the ice accumulates in the gutter area above the roof’s fascia. The dam will build as the precipitation continues. The ice becomes heavier and can weigh several hundred pounds across the surface of the roof.

Eventually, the dam will give way if the temperature rises above freezing. If not, it will linger throughout the winter season. The weight of the ice can cause a fascia to buckle. Or, even worse, the ice will give way and fall to the ground. The dam can create a danger zone to you, your family, or anyone visiting your home.

Signs of Ice Damage

If left untreated, ice dams can cause considerable damage to the roof of your Minnesota home. Sometimes the loss goes unnoticed. If you notice any of the following signs of damage, then contact a Construction Group roofer right away to repair the damaged areas.

  • Broken or sagging gutters
  • Loose or missing shingles, tiles, or cedar shakes
  • Water leaks inside the home
  • Bulging eaves

Professional Ice Dam Removal

Although you may be tempted to melt or remove the ice yourself, we suggest that you hire a professional roofing contractor to do it for you. Homeowners sustain injuries every winter trying to dissolve or remove the ice from their roof. Our roofing contractors have the proper equipment and training necessary to remove the ice from the edge of your roof safely and efficiently.

Unlike ice dam removal companies who do nothing more than just remove ice from the roof using an impact tool or pressure washer, our team of Minnesota certified roofing contractors have actual roofing experience. We build roofs, repair them, and replace them. Therefore, we know how to remove the ice from your home without damaging the roofing material.

Get Your Roof Inspected

Ice dams can do some significant damage to your roof if left untreated. The weight alone can cause the fascia to weaken, damage the gutter, or rip the asphalt shingles off the roof. Due to the extent of the damage that ice can produce, we recommend hiring a The Construction Group roofing contractor to perform an inspection of the roof. An examination will reveal if the ice caused any damage and what we need to do to fix it. We can also show you how to protect your roof from ice damage in the future. A quick inspection at the beginning of every spring could keep small maintenance issues from turning into costly repairs.

Don’t Let Ice Dams Build On Your Roof

If you suspect that an ice dam is forming on your roof, then contact The Construction Group. We can arrive promptly to your home with all equipment and roofers needed to the job on site. We can remove all the ice from your roof and check for any damage. By hiring a professional, we can remove the ice correctly and safely. We offer full ice dam removal for all homes in Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota. To schedule a removal, call us at 651-731-5857.

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