If there’s anything the world has mastered over the past six months, it’s the art of a good at-home movie night. Maybe your idea of movie night includes a binge of your favorite sci-fi series, the latest James Bond film, or a Desperate Housewives marathon. Whatever you love to watch, there’s nothing quite like having a comfy media room to kick back in when you break out the buttered popcorn.

If you’ve got a spare bedroom, basement, or attic space, adding a home theater to your home may be easier than you realize. At The Construction Group in Minnesota, we can help you turn your vision in reality. Check out some of these fun remodeling ideas for your home theater and then give us a call to get started on creating your perfect movie night space!

Here are a few of our favorite home theater ideas to consider:

1.   Snacks, Please!

Is it even a movie without movie theater snacks? Consider installing a mini-fridge, snack bar, or even a popcorn machine. And don’t forget to stock your snack zone with all of your favorite concession stand treats. Or create the ultimate movie theater experience with a wet bar and taps.

2.   Theater Posters

Movie theater walls are lined with advertisement posters for up-and-coming films. In the spirit of Hollywood, frame some of your favorite movie theater posters and use them to decorate the walls to help replicate the cinema experience.

3.   VIP Seating

One of the best parts of designing your home theater is that you can choose any kind of seating arrangement you like. Do you prefer elevated rows of seating? Or would you rather lounge on a convertible sofa? Whatever you choose, it’s up to you.

4.   Theater Lighting

To create a more cinematic experience, consider painting your walls dark and using blackout curtains. Add low lighting or fiber optics to complete the look.

5.   Media Components

Don’t forget to install a good surround sound system so you can fully experience the movie. You can even install a projector screen that extends from the ceiling.

Create Your Custom Theater With Twin Cities Home Carpentry Services

Have you been dreaming of installing a custom home theater in your home? Contact our home carpentry services at The Construction Group in Woodbury. We can help you design the media room you’ve been dreaming of.

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