Residential Flat Roof

Residential Flat Roof Repair

If you suspect your home’s flat roof is damaged, you should contact a residential flat roof contractor immediately. When you call The Construction Group, we can be at your home in a short time to examine your roof and make a plan to fix the problem. If the damage is minor, repairs on flat roofs are relatively easy to complete and can be done quickly.

To successfully operate, your flat roof needs to be properly sealed and be continuous to allow for proper drainage and protection. With the various temperature changes and mountains of snow that accumulate year after year, your roof needs to be able to protect your home. When properly installed, your flat roof will withstand drastic changes in weather and repel and drain water so it doesn’t damage the interior of your home.

Residential Flat Roofs 

Having a flat roof is not uncommon in Minnesota and falt roofs can consist of many types of materials. 

Typically, flat roofs are made out of a few select materials, including:

  • Rubber membrane (EPDM)
  • Rolled Adhesive Fiberglass Asphalt
  • Bitumen

To learn more about the types of flat roofing materials we use at The Construction Group, contact us today! You can also check out examples of our work here.

What are the advantages of a flat roof?

If you’re a homeowner in Minnesota, you probably have a sloped roof, which is more traditional than a flat roof. However, in recent years, many Minnesota residents have started installing flat roofs on their home additions, porches, and other new structures.

Flat roofs pose a variety of benefits:

  • Most flat roof repairs are simple and cost-effective.
  • Flat roofs rarely leak or get damaged in any way, barring any extreme weather events.
  • Flat roofs are energy-efficient and can lower your energy costs.

When you hire our residential flat roof contractors for installation or repair, you will get the highest quality products and services!

Is a flat roof more expensive?

Flat roofs are typically cheaper than traditional roofs. Flat roofs are also easier to install, less complex in their design, and incredibly durable. To learn more about the cost of flat roofs and why they are typically less expensive than traditional sloped roofs, contact our team today.

How do you know when a flat roof needs replacing?

It can be difficult to spot damage on flat roofs, but there are a few signs of damage to look for:

  • More water pooling than normal
  • Water damage in your home
  • Tears in the roofing materials

If you suspect your roof has been damaged, contact our team for roof repair or replacement.

How long do flat roofs last?

If your flat roof is properly installed and maintained, it should last for up to 25 years. Additionally, depending on your supplier, you should have a warranty of at least 10 years. To learn more, contact our team today.

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Residential Flat Roof Services in the Twin Cities

Some Minnesota homes are built with completely flat roofs, some houses have sections of flat roofing, such as porches or other additions. Unlike what the name suggests, most flat roofs are not completely flat; they’re slightly raised, with a slope that allows water to drain so the roof doesn't get damaged from long periods of standing water. The slight slope is hard to see with the naked eye, but when properly designed, it will protect your home.

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