One of the things about life we cannot change is that we will all grow older. And while we cannot change our biology, we can change our abode to make it more comfortable. In fact, adapting your home to make life more comfortable as you age will only make your twilight years better.

As we grow older and our limberness decreases, there are plenty of fantastic ways we can tweak our homes to suit our ever-changing needs. Whether you’re enjoying the full swing of your retirement years or caring for a loved one, The Construction Group has the experience and expertise to update your home to meet your needs.

Home Remodeling Services for Senior Living

One of the greatest contributors to seniors living a fulfilling life is the ability to retain independence for as long as possible. Changes made to one’s home will not only make daily life more pleasant and comfortable. It will also make it possible to remain living independently for a longer time period. The Construction Group can make recommendations for home remodeling services that help you or your loved ones secure that stable and independent senior lifestyle you deserve.

Recommended Home Modifications for Seniors

When it comes to independent living, recommended changes and updates to the home range from relatively simple add-ons to complete renovations and floor plan changes. Quick and easy jobs include:

●        Installing handrails on stairs and in hallways

●        Changing door knobs to levers

●        Lazy susans installed in cabinets

●        Assistive bars around toilets

●        Installing taller toilets

●        Adding non-slip material to bathtubs

●        Install folding seat or bench in bathtubs and showers

Slightly more involved modifications include:

●        Replacing faucets with easier-to-use handles or even touchless options

●        Adding pull-out shelves to kitchen and bathroom cabinets

●        Installing ramps at entrances and between levels of split-level homes

●        Smart home technology for remote or automated operation of lighting

●        Updating light fixtures with bright LED technology and layered lighting

More extensive home renovations requiring more substantial time and investment may include:

●        Installing walk-in bathtubs

●        Lowering countertops and power receptacles or light switches

●        Widening doorways for wheelchair access

●        Rearrangement of kitchen layout that hinders free movement

●        Replacing deep pile carpet with hard flooring

Woodbury Home Carpentry Services for Senior Living

At The Construction Group, our customer service representatives have years of experience creating plans for custom home renovations. We can work with you to create a plan to meet your needs and work with you to produce the best possible outcome for your home and loved ones. We’re conveniently located in Woodbury and proud to serve the Twin Cities area, and we guarantee our work with a 10-year warranty, providing you peace of mind for years to come.

To get a quote and prepare a plan for modifying your home, contact The Construction Group in Woodbury today at 651-731-5857. Or connect with us on the web to discuss possible senior living solutions for your home.