A fireplace elevates a living space by creating a beautiful center for your family to gather around. A stunning fireplace can serve as a backdrop for stylish living in elegant surroundings. However, an outdated or damaged fireplace or mantel can dramatically detract from the overall appeal of your living space. Renovating your fireplace can also be a matter of safety, which is a fundamental concern when you consider the risks of a damaged chimney or fireplace.


The roofing and chimney repair experts at The Construction Group in Minnesota can help you assess the safety of your fireplace and roof, and update the appearance of your hearth. In this post, we’ll discuss some of our top fireplace renovation considerations and how our team can help with chimney repair so you can enjoy warm evenings by the fire all winter long.


Here are a few of our top considerations when renovating fireplaces:


1.      Consider the Type of Fuel.

There are several types of fireplace fuel, and just because your home uses one of them doesn’t mean you’re stuck with that option. Wood-burning fireplaces can be beautiful and fill your home with a deep warmth, but some homeowners prefer gas because of its simplicity. The degree of heat, ease of use, and purpose of your fireplace will all play a role in the type of fuel you prefer.


2.      Consider the Size of Your Hearth.

Many homes come with a standard fireplace that was built into that model. But over the years, renovations and furnishing changes can make the size of that fireplace feel inappropriate for a living space. You may also wish to consider the heat your fireplace will put off. A smaller fireplace won’t always do a great job of heating a large living room.


3.      Create a Beautiful Focal Point.

The only thing that’s dreamier than a glowing holiday fire on a frozen winter night is a lush garland draped across the mantel above it. When you’re changing your fireplace’s overall look, adding a mantel can be the finishing touch that makes it feel complete. If you’re looking for a dramatic way to alter your space without a tremendous effort, adding a beautiful mantel can make all the difference.


Choosing the Right Chimney Contractor for Your Twin Cities Fireplace Renovation

Once you’ve decided what changes you’d like to make, the most important decision you can make is to hire an experienced professional contracting team. Our contracting team combines practical elements like residential roofing repairs with chimney renovation and decorative design.


Contact our masonry repair team at The Construction Group today and realize your goal of enjoying the warm glow of a beautiful fireplace. Speak with our remodeling and chimney contractor at 651-731-5857 or contact us to talk about your fireplace project.