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You can transform your old residence into a revitalized modern home when you hire The Construction Group for your residential roof replacement. We help homeowners throughout Minneapolis and St. Paul replace their worn out roof with a brand new roof that improves the curb appeal of their house while enhancing the property value. If you’re tired of water leaks, high energy bills, and unsightly home features, then contact The Construction Group today. We provide superior work on all residential roofs in the East Central Minnesota area.

Is Roof Replacement Right for Your Minneapolis Home?

Although we recommend roof repairs as a first step toward restoring your roof system, there comes a time when repairs become costly and ineffective. Patching up an old roof can only lead to faster deterioration. Sure, roof replacement can be expensive. The tradeoff, however, is having a roof that gives your home full protection, improves your home’s resale value, and drastically improves the overall exterior look of the structure. A new roof can extend the life of your house by several decades. The bottom line: it’s a smart purchase that yields up to an 80% ROI.

A Replacement Roof That Lasts

At The Construction Group, we provide complete roofing replacement for all types of homes and a wide range of roofing types. We ensure that your new roof is weather-ready and able to withstand the rigors of heat, moisture, UV rays, and high winds. Our goal is to install a replacement roof that stands the test of time. You and your family will find protection underneath the roof year after year through every season. Whether you go with a metal roof, asphalt shingles, cedar shakes, or tile roofing, you’ll receive the same high level of customer service and top-tier products made in the U.S.A.

Professional Roofing You Can Count On

With all the roofing contractors in Minneapolis and St. Paul, choosing the right one for you can be challenging. We have established a firm reputation as a leader in the roofing business. Each of our roofers is licensed, insured, and fully certified in residential roofing replacement.

Any Roof Type. We install a variety of roofing products including high-end, energy-efficient roofs.
Fast Installation. We will arrive promptly to your doorstep with all tools and equipment needed for the work. We can have your new roof installed in just two to three business days.
Reputable Contractors. We can provide credible references, show you our ratings and reviews, and even show you a portfolio of past projects. We have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.
Warranty Protection. We provide both manufacturer and contractor warranties on all the roofs that we install. Your investment is our investment. Therefore, you're well protected.

At The Construction Group, we truly stand out from other local companies because we care about our clients and give you personal attention from start to finish. We never compromise on work or materials. We also provide fair and affordable pricing for the work we do. We always offer the highest quality work at the possible prices. We are committed to ensuring that you are 100% satisfied with your experience with us.

What to Consider When Replacing a Roof

Roof Pitch. What is the angle of your roof? The higher your roof pitch, the more challenging it is to replace. You’ll want to allocate a little more time for the project to be completed.
Roof Size. The size of your roof depends on the total square footage of your home. Thus, the larger the house, the more roofing materials and labor you’ll need to remove the old roof and replace it with a new one.
Materials. Our clients often ask us if we can change the roofing material on a roof. The answer is yes. Keep in mind, that your cost can vary drastically, and we may need to alter the roof framework to make it happen slightly.

Go with The Professionals at The Construction Group

If you’re tired of looking at that old roof, then get a new roof from The Construction Group. We can remove the old roof and implement a new roof onto your roofing system in just a few days. You’ll love how amazing your new roof looks and how well it protects your home. Schedule an inspection and a free estimate today. You can contact us at 651-731-5857. We serve homeowners in Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota.

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