From family gatherings to relaxing days in the sun, your deck is the setting for countless summer pastimes. However, without proper maintenance, decks can become severely worn down and deteriorated within a few years.

By taking the appropriate steps to maintain your deck, you’ll be able to enhance its lifespan, appearance, and durability.

Conduct Regular Inspections

At the beginning of every summer, set aside some time to take a close look at your deck’s structure and materials:

●        Wiggle the railings and note whether they need to be replaced or tightened.

●        Remove loose and exposed nails to prevent anyone from stepping on them.

●        Take note of any cracks and promptly fill them up with some wood filler.

●        Brush off any leaves, twigs, or debris that’s accumulated over the year.

Replace Faulty Boards

While a small crack on your deck board may seem easy to overlook, you’ll want to promptly replace the board before that damage can worsen and become a safety hazard.

You can replace a wood deck board in three easy steps:

1.      First, use a claw hammer to remove the faulty board from the deck.

2.      Next, have a new board cut to fit in as a replacement.

3.      Finally, use durable nails to install the new board.

If you’re noticing several boards requiring replacement, opt for replacing the entire area to create a cohesive, union appearance.

Clean Your Deck Regularly

Cleaning your deck can help with preventing premature deterioration and rotting. In addition to sweeping, take some to remove particles from in between boards and wash the surface with a garden hose. You can also remove mildew by using an outdoor cleaner!

Sand and Stain the Deck

Staining your deck is an excellent way to keep it looking its best. However, prior to applying a new coat of stain, you’ll need to first sand your deck.

In addition to preparing your deck for stain, sanding it will also remove any splinter, small divots, and other blemishes from the surface. Use an electric sander and 60 or 80 grit sandpaper to effectively cover the area.

Once you’ve finished sanding the boards, use a wood stain of your choice to complete your deck’s updated look. Be careful not to put too much stain on the boards as you’re working, as you’ll want to avoid any drips from forming.

Wait at least one to two days before using your deck when you’re finished staining the area.

Rearrange Furniture

Avoid letting furniture sit in one spot for too long and remember to rearrange your pieces every once in a while. By regularly moving your furniture, grills, and planters, you’ll prevent unsightly sun spots from developing on the surface.

You should also avoid using rugs, as moisture often becomes trapped underneath the material. This can often result in mold and mildew growth.

Contact The Construction Group for Deck Maintenance and Repair

Sometimes, despite our best efforts, decks can still become damaged and weakened. Whether you’re in need of a remodel or a simple repair, The Construction Group is ready for your call.

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