We’ve all heard the phrase “New year, new you.” With a fresh calendar on the wall, a world of possibilities seems to be on the horizon. For millions of Americans, the turn of that page means January is the ideal time to take on a new set of goals including weight loss, exercise, and professional commitments. While you’re putting together your personal list of new year commitments, don’t overlook your home.


At The Construction Group in Minnesota, we specialize in serving Twin Cities homeowners with a wide range of home remodeling projects from residential roofing repair to new doors. In this blog entry, we’ll discuss some of the most popular renovation options for your home and talk about why you should add them to your list of projects this year.


1.      Update Your Siding

Outdated siding can seriously detract from your home’s curb appeal as well as its overall value. If your siding is peeling, cracked, faded, or simply outdated, spring is a great time to replace it with stunning vinyl or steel siding that won’t need to be painted. While replacing your siding, consider updating your trim and color with a look that will turn heads in your neighborhood.


2.      Get More Efficient Windows

If your energy costs were a bit of a disappointment last summer, make this year the last year you pay too much to cool your home in the hot months. Consider updating  your home's windows with more energy-friendly options. With the right new windows, you’ll experience a dramatic cut in your annual energy costs.


3.      Create a Better Thermal Envelope

A thermal envelope is a technical name for the invisible bubble that keeps your home’s internal temperature stable during extreme temperatures. If your home is drafty, cold, or experiences outsized energy bills, you may have a hole in your thermal envelope. To maximize your energy conservation, consider roof replacement with a roof that reflects the sun and minimizes energy loss. Update your home’s insulation and eliminate any weaknesses that could be causing air or water infiltration.


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