Storm Damage

Storm Damage Roof Repair in Woodbury, MN

A weak roof cannot protect your home as it should, so if a massive hail, rain or wind storm hits, your home's exterior is very susceptible to leaks and other damage. The solution? Hire a professional roofing company to repair the damage as soon as possible!

At The Construction Group, we provide comprehensive roof damage repair for all homes across the greater Twin Cities metro area. Our team of licensed and certified contractors can inspect your roof, determine the damage, and fully restore your roof back to its original condition. We guarantee all repairs and ensure that you will be 100% satisfied with the results. Contact us today to get your roof fixed!

Hail Damage Roof Repair for Your Minnesota Home

Minnesota is no stranger to hailstorms, which can wreak havoc on roofs, windows, and siding. To spot hail damage on your home, look for dents or pockmarks on your roof, gutters, and downspouts, as well as cracks or holes in your windows or siding. If you suspect weather-realted damage, it's best to call a professional who works closely with insurance companies like The Construction Group to inspect your home and provide an estimate for repairs or replacement. In some cases, only minor repairs are needed, but in more severe cases, a full roof replacement may be necessary to ensure your home is safe and secure. Don't wait too long to address hail damage, as it can lead to further problems such as leaks and water damage.

Signs of Storm Damage to Your Roof

Although some roof damage is easy to spot, minor issues may not be as easy to identify. Below are some common signs of damage when ice dams, heavy rain, hail or high winds hit.

  • Water Spots (Interior) | Water spots inside indicate your roof is leaking. The source of leaks can be quite difficult to locate, because water doesn’t always trickle straight down.
  • Water Spots (Exterior) | You may also discover water spots on the outside of your house, which indicates that there’s a leak in the fascia or a stream of water leaking from the gutters.
  • Granules in Gutter | If you have a lot of shingle granules in your gutters, it could be an indication that your shingles are damaged and need to be replaced. Ice can loosen shingle granules and weaken your shingles over time.
  • Roof Buckle | Heavy ice or a tree falling on your home can cause your roof to buckle. You'll be able to tell if your roof is buckling by observing it from inside the attic. If you walk on the roof, you’ll notice a sag.

If you discover any of these issues, contact The Construction Group to repair any damage as soon as possible! We will inspect your entire roofing system to identify damage and make recommendations on what storm damage repair services you need to take to restore the roof.

The Construction Group offers complete roof repair on all roofing components. We can replace all roofing material, rebuild the framework, seal off holes, cracks, or crevices, and reinforce your fascia and gutter system. Our repair services are affordable, dependable, and efficient! We also work very well with insurance. We provide a detailed multi-point exterior damage assessment utilizing the same software and inspection practices as your insurance company does. We have years of experience communicating with insurance providers and working as a team through the process. 

STORM Damage Repair Services You Can Trust

The Construction Group has built a reputation in east central Minnesota as a snow damage repair contractor you can depend on when you need us the most. Our contractors are Minnesota licensed, certified, and fully insured. In addition to this, we work well with insurance companies and make the process easy for you!  To schedule a roof repair, give us a call at 651-731-5857 or fill out our contact form here.