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Chimney Inspections Minneapolis

The expertise of a masonry contractor is a highly untapped resource for homeowners. If you’re planning to build a new chimney, a good contractor can mean the difference between a crumbling chimney and a beautiful piece of craftsmanship that will last for generations.

Masonry contractors can install the perfect foundation, walkway, patio, porch, retaining wall, or chimney with great precision. At The Construction Group, our masonry professionals do the job the right way and create work designed to last. Click here for a free estimate!

Chimney Building and Repair

A chimney must be built with great precision to be able to hold up to the harsh weather that moves through Minnesota year after year. A poorly constructed chimney can crumble and cause a great deal of damage to your home. A crumbling chimney is also dangerous.

If you have an existing structure that requires chimney repair, call our chimney contractors as soon as possible. We can repair the masonry work of your chimney quickly, so it is once again strong and functional. If the top of your chimney needs to be replaced, we can take out the broken and worn parts and replace them with new materials. If it’s in good condition, the rest of your chimney stack can remain. By ensuring your chimney is in good condition, you can save a lot of money on potential damages. Get a free estimate today!

Quality Masonry Work You Can Count On

Want to see examples of our work? We’re happy to schedule a consultation to show you photos of the different sizes and types of chimneys and other masonry jobs that we have completed. This can give you an idea of what you want your project to look like. We promise to do everything possible to ensure the decision-making process is seamless and stress-free!

Masonry is a very precise trade – one that you and your home can benefit from greatly. To learn more about The Construction Group’s masonry services, call us at 651-731-5857.