For the past few months, the country has pulled together to help make the world safer for one another through the simple act of staying home. Spending more time at home means finding more time for quiet reflection and family bonding, but it can become uncomfortable fast when you realize you’ve outgrown your home.

If safer-at-home life has got you thinking about ways to make more room, we’ve got plenty of great ideas for helping homeowners create more space. One of our favorite ways to find more space is by working with your home’s existing layout. Check out these great ideas for adding on to your home and then call our home carpentry services pros at The Construction Group in Woodbury to get started in improving your home.

1.   Finish an Unfinished Room

By far the fastest and simplest way to get more space is to avoid adding a new room on and instead look at finishing unfinished rooms with potential. If you’ve got a basement that’s little more than a retirement community for boxes of old clothing, imagine what you could do with a finished basement room. Basements are an ideal location for teen bedrooms, guest apartments, home offices, and rec rooms.

Attics also make excellent spots for an extra kids’ room, workspace, or a children’s playroom. Consider adding a roof gable dormer to expand the usable space and create an attractive window feature in your attic bedroom. 

2.   Enclose Your Porch or Patio

If you love the idea of taking in the world outside every day of the year even when it’s snowing outside, an enclosed patio may be perfect for your home. Similar to finishing an attic or a basement, enclosing your back patio or front porch can add space onto your home while using its existing structural components.

An enclosed front porch typically takes advantage of the view, adding plenty of windows while increasing the livable space within a home. An enclosed front porch is a perfect place to share coffee and breakfast or relax with a good book at the end of a long day.

3.   Add a Micro-Addition

If you have plenty of room but you’re just feeling a little cramped in the rooms you have, consider adding a micro-addition to your home. With a micro-addition, a little truly goes a long way. Also known as a “bump-out,” these small additions add just a few feet to the room of your choice. Add a dreamy little reading nook to your children’s shared bedroom, or bump out your kitchen to create a cozy breakfast nook your family will love dining in each day. The possibilities are practically endless with these small additions.

Connect With Your Twin Cities Home Remodeling Services Pros

With the help of a good general contractor, your home addition project will seem practically effortless. If you’re ready to look at ways to add on to your home, our professional home improvement team can help you work with your existing space.

To get a free quote on home carpentry services for your home, contact The Construction Group in Woodbury today at 651-731-5857. Or contact us online to connect with a representative and get started on your renovation project.