Home remodeling projects are sometimes necessary to bring an older home up to modern standards. They add functional use to a kitchen or bathroom with energy and water savings while providing the conveniences of today's technological advancements. Whether you plan to live in the home or sell the house as an investment property, kitchen and bath remodeling add value and comfort to the house.


Kitchen Remodeling: Functional Upgrades

New cabinetry and countertops in the kitchen can beautify the room and make cooking a fun project rather than a chore. The new cabinetry can also accommodate a larger sink which along with a specialty faucet provides a useful place for washing vegetables or cleaning dishes after a meal. To finish washing dishes, new styles of dishwashers conserve both water and power while doing a better job than older models were capable of. Likewise, refrigerators use less power than ever before to perform the same job while incorporating useful new designs for ease of access.


Bathroom Remodeling: Why and How

Bathroom remodeling can take place for a number of reasons. The most obvious reason is when an older bathroom has accumulated stains and keeps a feeling of grime which simply can't be cleaned effectively and likely the faucets, toilet, and shower are no longer working effectively. However, not all bathroom remodels are because of an utter functional need, but simply to upgrade to make time spent bathing and getting ready for the day more luxurious.


Replacing vinyl flooring with tile and adding a gorgeous vanity will make the room more welcoming. Specialized lighting can provide a subdued ambiance while bathing with direct lighting for shaving or applying makeup. Specialty showers are available to provide a relaxing steam room or to allow for a comfortable bathtub with jets and extra space for your bathing products.


For your kitchen and bath remodeling project in or around the Woodbury, MN area contact a reputable contractor such as The Construction Group, Inc at 651-731-5857. Our representatives will be happy to help you explore your options, and our professionals are experienced with every stage of the process from design until the final site clean out.