Whether you have lived in a house for long enough to warrant an exterior renovation, or recently bought an older house with the expectation of conducting a remodel job, or simply found a great deal on an investment home which needs minor upgrades before selling at profit, there are times when you need to hire a building contractor. Exterior home renovation involves a few basic steps along with the knowledge an experienced contractor can provide toward making your house a boon rather than an eyesore for your neighbors.



New siding is a simple way to make your home look new again. Modern siding offers options which weren't previously available, for both color and contour. Additionally, adding new house wrap and insulated siding will reduce power bills if you plan to live in the house or add value if you plan to sell the home as an investment property.


Windows and Doors

Windows on older houses simply are not up to modern standards. Older windows don't provide the energy efficiency new technology has to offer, nor they offer the security features which are part of the integral design of modern windows. If expenses have kept you from replacing windows, don't worry, the pricing of new windows is quite reasonable and well worth the investment toward the value of your home.


Roofing and Gutters

If the roof leaks, your house has no value, because very few people are interested in buying a house that is structurally unsound. A new roof may seem expensive until you consider how it improves the value of your home whether you plan to live there for some years or intend to sell in the near future. Gutters are a part of the roofing system as they divert rainwater to where you want it to go instead of directly onto your lawn.


When you need renovation to your home's exterior, discuss the project with a professional such as The Construction Group, Inc. We'll be happy to advise you toward what projects work well, or conduct the job you've determined your house needs. To learn more give us a call at 651-731-5857 or visit us online!