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Storm Restoration Services in the Twin Cities

Storm specialists

Has a strong storm recently gone through your area? Do you suspect your home has been damaged, or can you see the damage with your own eyes? No matter your circumstances, our storm restoration specialists are here to help get your home looking as good as new. At The Construction Group, we have been helping Twin Cities residents recover from storm damage for many years, and we are skilled in a variety of different areas. Recovering from a storm that has significantly damaged your home can be difficult, but we’re up to the challenge. Contact us today to get started!

Our Storm Damage Repair Specialties

At The Construction Group, we take pride in providing expert home remodeling and repair services. One area of our business we’re especially passionate about is storm restoration. After a severe weather event, contact us right away for:

Roof Storm Damage Repair

No matter what materials your roof was constructed with or how perfectly it was installed, it can still be damaged in a significant storm or another severe weather event. When it comes to roof damage following a storm, you need to immediately contact a professional if you suspect there has been damage. Even the smallest crack or hole in your roof can lead to moisture entering your home. If not immediately fixed, this can lead to significant damage and the formation of dangerous bacteria and mold.

If your roof has been damaged in a storm, we’ll start by inspecting the roof to find all areas of concern and developing a plan to fix them. Whether your roof needs a handful of repairs or a full roof replacement, we can take care of the job quickly. If we notice your gutter system is damaged, it will also need to be addressed promptly. If neglected, gutter issues can cause additional damage to your roof, siding, and home interiors down the road. You can trust our team to be completely honest with you and only do the work your roof requires.

Siding Damage Repair

If the siding on your home has been damaged due to a significant weather event, it is also critical that you get it repaired or replaced immediately. Like your roof, your siding plays a significant role in protecting the interior of your home from the elements.

Siding can become cracked or can even be torn off if the wind is severe enough. Additionally, if your home is hit by debris like branches, it can significantly damage your siding. If you believe your siding has been damaged, contact our team immediately to come to inspect your property.

Window Damage Repair

When your windows are damaged by a storm, it can quickly lead to significant water damage and additional health hazards like mold. If you notice water seeping in through your windows, you should immediately contact a storm damage specialist.

Signs of window damage may not be as evident as water seeping through your windows. Sometimes, small cracks or holes develop from storms that result in water seeping into your home and eventually damaging your walls and the area surrounding your windows. If that is the case, you need to contact The Construction Group for immediate window replacement.

Insurance Claims

We know how difficult it can be to manage your home repairs on top of negotiating with your insurance company to get your home’s damage covered. We have been working with various insurance companies on behalf of our clients for many years, and we know we can get you the protection you deserve for your project. To learn more about how we can help you with your insurance claims, contact The Construction Group today.

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If you’re looking for Twin Cities storm damage repair specialists that truly care about you and your property, contact The Construction Group today! Our trained specialists can be at your property in a short time and help you repair several damages. To request a free estimate, give us a call at 651-731-5857 or message us on our contact page.