Masonry is an art unto itself, the foundation of every building and the integral structural integrity of a home is based on masonry. Houses made of brick or stone have an inherent reliance on masonry, but houses made of wood with siding have a masonry underlayment system and chimney. Modular housing seems to be a new paradigm, but each home needs customization once installed. Antique homes often need work conducted for the new homeowners. Regardless of what style of home you've chosen, masonry repair and maintenance is an important means of maintaining your house over the years to come.



Your house's foundation is the very beginning of how it is built to remain structurally stable. To the layman, the foundation is a block of concrete that supports the building's framework. However, there is much more detail involved with building a foundation. There is a drainage system which allows for removal of water and ice before it damages the actual structure. Ideally, you'll realize the drainage system needs repair before the concrete does, but either way, you're going to need a licensed contractor with masonry expertise to conduct the job.


Chimney Repair

Chimneys also require maintenance which often hasn't been accomplished on older homes. Bricks are used in building because of their rugged durability, but they can devolve over time and become structurally compromised. When a problem is found in time, the bricks in question can be removed and replaced. As with most repairs, the key is to finding and fixing the problem before it becomes worse than it needs to be.


At The Construction Group we are happy to care for your masonry repairs to either your chimney or foundation. We take great care to each project we work on and are happy to come and repair any of your masonry work. Give us a call at 651-731-5857 or visit us online to learn more!