When you think of home insulation services, what comes to mind? Chances are you’re thinking of that heavy pink attic insulation. But your attic isn’t the only part of your home that loses heat during the winter months. Your exterior walls and garage walls could use a little help, too.

In this blog post from The Construction Group, we’re breaking down the biggest reasons you should consider investing in garage insulation for your Minnesota home. To get a quote on your garage home insulation services, call or contact us online today.

1.   It’s much quieter.

Insulation that boasts a high R-rating also offers a high level of insulation against sound. And that sound insulation can work both ways. If you’re tired of hearing every little sound outside your home, insulation can be absolutely transformative. But it also keeps the neighbors from hearing everything you’re doing. If the only thing that’s keeping you from taking up drum lessons is the fear of upsetting the neighbors, garage insulation is your ticket to rock and roll glory.

2.   Your car will be more comfortable to drive.

You park inside your garage because you don’t want to spend 20 minutes chipping ice off of your windshield and waiting for your car to warm up. But with Minnesota’s cold winters, your car can still get pretty cold while it’s sitting in your uninsulated garage. With high-performance garage insulation, your car will stay warmer even after the coldest nights. And during the summer months, your garage will stay cooler, which means your ride will, too.

3.   Your car will drive better.

Frozen air can take its toll on your ride, reducing your tire pressure and causing your car’s components to break down more quickly. Extreme temperatures can also cause the materials in your interior to break down more rapidly. If you want to prolong the lifespan of your daily driver or you’ve got a classic car, garage insulation is a necessity.

4.   Your home will be warmer.

Are the rooms adjacent to your garage cold during the winter months? Do you loathe the blast of cold air coming into your kitchen every time someone steps into the garage to wash a load of laundry? Garage insulation can help take away the chill. When your garage is warmer, the rooms next to it will be, too.

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