Your home of course is your pride and joy, therefore upkeep and updating is required in order for your home to keep standing after decades of use. Upgrading your insulation may or may not require immediate attention, unless of course your home endured extreme flood damage.

But upgrading your attic insulation might be a good idea to put on your next home to-do list. Attic insulation is one of the first places you should look to upgrade, and the experts at The Construction Group can help you get started.

This post provides some advice as to when is the optimal time to upgrade. Call us for a free estimate on spray foam insulation today!

Higher Energy Bills Might Mean You Need New Insulation

If you feel your energy costs are significantly more than they should be or you’re paying more than what your neighbors pay, the problem may lie with your home’s insulation. If it does not properly contain the air from your HVAC systems, they will have to work overtime to heat and cool your home, which will dent your wallet.

Although this symptom could come from different root causes, you should investigate by speaking or making an appointment with an energy specialist from your electric or gas company.

Have your HVAC system checked as well as setting up an appointment with an insulation contractor for professional inspection. If you have seen a recent increase in your energy utility bills whether it’s summer or winter, it may be time to replace your insulation to a higher grade, such as spray foam.

When to Replace Old Insulation

Most homeowners don’t even think about attic insulation; out of sight, out of mind mentality. But you should be thinking about replacing your insulation if you’ve lived in your home at least 15 years.

If you’ve lived in your home more than 20 years, you may be experiencing some higher than normal energy bills. If you bought the house new, you should be free from worry for now, assuming the contractor used quality grade insulation materials.

If you aren’t sure when your insulation was installed, there are a few signs that it may need to be replaced.

If Your Home Feels Drafty, That’s a Sign

When you have cold drafts in your house, you should check a few things. If you have a fireplace, your draft may be coming from the flute. Also, check your weather stripping around windows and doors.

Lastly, check your insulation. Measure the temperature with a small outdoor thermometer in the attic if you have easy access, then measure the temperature in any room below. Record your temperatures.

Your attic is one of the parts of your house most affected by the cold and heat. Assuming that you use your attic simply to store items away, your attic should be at least 10°F warmer than the outside. Your rooms below also should be significantly warmer than your attic assuming it has adequate insulation.

If you reside in Minnesota, your minimum rating should be R50 or higher according to

Feeling Moisture or Seeing Mold

When you inspect your insulation, first, check if it feels damp. Second, do a visual check for any mold or mildew anywhere.

If these conditions are present, it is likely that you may need to have the insulation removed and new insulation installed.

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