Winters in Minnesota can be tough on your roof, especially when ice dams start to form. Although it’s easy to ignore them, ice dams can cause significant damage to your home. And unfortunately, most homeowners don’t even realize there’s a problem until they get hit with a bill for serious roof repairs.

In this post from The Construction Group in Minnesota, we’re looking at everything you need to do to protect your home from ice dams. For ice dam removal services anytime, call our residential roofing contractors.

What Causes Ice Dams to Form?

Don’t make the mistake of assuming ice dams are something everyone just has to live with. In fact, ice dams are completely preventable and form on the roofs of homes with poorly insulated attics. The heat from your furnace in winter rises up through your home and into your attic. Ideally, a well-insulated home will retain that heat, which adds to the comfort of your home. However, a poorly insulated home will allow that heat to escape through the roof.

Once the heat from your home escapes onto the roof, it will heat any ice that’s collected there, causing it to melt. As the snow runs off of your roof, it will refreeze at the cold outer edges, creating an ice dam. Like any dam, an ice dam retains water on one side of a wall. Water gets trapped on top of your roof with no place to go except into your home and under your shingles. Once there, this water can cause significant damage, allowing mold to grow and damaging the structural integrity of your roof and home.

Follow these steps to protect your roof from ice dams:

1.    Clear the snow periodically.

Invest in a snow rake to clear the snow from your roof from time to time. This allows you to prevent snow from accumulating while remaining firmly on the ground.

2.    Clean your gutters.

Invest in gutter covers or clear your gutters to prevent gutter clogs. Clogged and damage gutters can contribute to ice dam formation.

3.    Call a professional ice dam removal service.

Ice dam removal can be incredibly dangerous. Trained professionals have the right equipment to clear your ice dams safely without risking anyone’s safety. Check out our ice dam removal gallery to see our team in action.

Schedule a Roof Maintenance Inspection

In addition to ice dam removal service, it’s a good idea to schedule seasonal roof inspections and stay on top of any necessary repairs before they get worse.

To schedule your ice dam removal services or get an annual roof inspection, contact The Construction Group in Woodbury today at 651-731-5857. Or contact us on the web to get answers to your ice dam questions.