Summer storms can seem to come out of nowhere. But when they strike, they can leave disaster in their wake. After the skies have cleared, it’s time to assess the damage and if necessary, to contact your insurance company and a residential roofing contractor.

In this post from The Construction Group, we’re breaking down a helpful walk-through to help you look for storm damage on your roof after the next big storm.

If you identify potential signs of storm damage, give us a call today!

What to Look for After a Storm

Just because you don’t have to place buckets around your home and you don’t see water spots on the ceiling does not mean you’re in the clear. Summer storms frequently cause significant damage that isn’t always readily identifiable without taking a closer look.

One of the problems is that overlooking minor damage can lead to serious trouble down the road from cumulative issues with subsequent storms. Does this mean you should grab a ladder and take to the roof? Unless you’re a certified roofer, this is a job that’s best left to the professionals.

That said, there are a few things you can look for while planted safely on the ground!

Gutter Concerns

If you’ve got gutter damage, chances are good that there’s water accumulation on your roof. Look for cracks and damaged joints around your gutters.

It’s also a good idea to clear your gutters of debris after a big storm if they’re not covered as gutter clogs can lead to foundation damage to your home.

Damaged Property

Limbs on the ground and other significant property damage are a red flag that your roof was subjected to high winds and debris. If you identify property damage anywhere around your home, contact a roofing contractor for an inspection right away.

Granules On the Ground

The granules on asphalt shingles help to protect them against UV damage. If these are visible on the ground, this is a sign that you’ve likely sustained storm damage.

Pieces of Shingles

Like granules, any pieces of shingles that are visible on the ground are a clear sign of roof damage. Take a walk around your property and photograph any you find for insurance purposes.

What to Do When You Have Signs of Storm Damage

Early detection is key to the proper handling of storm damage. When you spot any signs of storm damage on your roof, do the following.

1. Take Precautionary Measures

While waiting for the arrival of the storm damage specialist, take the time to see if there are things you can do to prevent further damage, especially if you sense that rain is about to fall.

For example, you can make a temporary cover for damaged areas that can easily let water inside your home.

2. Contact Your Insurance Company

As long as your storm damage was not caused by wear and tear, your insurance policy is meant to cover storm damages resulting from the storm. But before you invite the insurance company, take pictures of the damages for record purposes.

Although insurance claims after storm damage could be a daunting process, it’s still worth it. If you ever need help with your storm damage insurance claim, our team of experts can help you do that.

Fortunately, we partner with many insurance companies, and as such, it’s much easier for us to get your insurance claims processed without stress.

3. Invite a Storm Damage Specialist

While the effects of storm damage on your roof could be mild and easy to fix, leaving the signs for a long while could have far-reaching consequences for your structure. Getting a reliable storm damage expert for a thorough roof inspection of storm damage ensures that no stone is left unturned in restoring the integrity of your roof before the next storm hits.

If you live within the Twin Cities, our storm damage team is always on standby to honor your invitation, even in the worst of emergencies.

How Do You Know a Good Building Contractor?

Many companies criss-cross the Twin Cities and beyond, posing as certified construction experts. Do not believe them without asking some key questions.

Here are some questions that can help you find the right contractor for your home:

1.      How long have they been in the business?

2.      Double-check licensing and insurance document

3.      Look at their past work

4.      Get financing agreements in written form

5.      Ask what happens if you’re unsatisfied with their work

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