During a severe storm, the wind is usually one of the greatest threats to the roof of your home. Whether it pushes a tree onto your roof, pulls off your shingles, or throws loose debris at your home, a severe storm can bring costly damage to your roof (which oftentimes must be addressed immediately). Thankfully, we're going to walk you through the process in the event your roof encounters severe damage.


Post-Storm Roof Checklist


Depending on the severity of the storm, you might want to:


●        Look around your attic for any water damage or leaks. If you happen to notice any water stains on your walls or ceiling, you'll possibly be in need of a roof replacement or repair.


●        Walk around the perimeter of your home and search for metal fascia or shingles. Look at the condition of where your roof meets its walls, the valleys of your home, the exhaust pipes, and the chimney to see if such areas have sustained any damage.


●        If a tree or pole managed to fall on your home, stay out of your house until a professional can address the issue in the event that structural damage had occurred. If structural damage occurred, you'll need much more than roof repair.


●        In the event of severe hail, check your roof and siding for any damage. When hail attacks the roof of your home, it oftentimes leaves dimples on the outer layer of your shingles.


●        Make sure you remain safe and avoid climbing up on the roof yourself. Hurting yourself and adding a medical bill to your issue won't resolve your roof dilemma.


Roofing Repair in Woodbury, Minnesota


Considering the information above, having a professional roofing contractor investigate your roof damage is oftentimes necessary after a severe storm. Thankfully, The Construction Group is here to address such problems and get your roof in excellent condition. Contact us today at 651-731-5857 for more information about our roof inspection and repair services.