As the saying goes, “Winter is Coming,” but there is time to prepare so you can remain as comfortable as possible when the cold months get here. There are fairly obvious preparations such as changing the filters in your HVAC system and having it inspected to assure efficient functioning, having your chimney cleaned and inspected for damage in an older home, or making sure your windows are functioning properly and not allowing a draft in. Other preparations are more subtle things which may not be a daily concern for you.

Roof and Gutter Maintenance

The gutters on your house serve as part of your roof system and are more important than most people realize. They move water where you want it instead of allowing it to dump off your roof and erode the soil around your house, ultimately forming small ponds which drain to your foundation. With that said, arguably, gutters which are out of alignment or clogged are worse than simply not having gutters at all, as they not only don't serve their purpose but allow standing water to remain on the edge of your roof, potentially freezing and causing ice dams which cause even more problems. Both gutters and roofing need maintenance, and when they do it's best to have it done as soon as possible as the need is only going to get worse (read, more expensive) as time goes by.

Storm Damage Repairs and Upkeep

The exterior of your house was designed to protect you against storms and weather. There are multiple layers of protection to serve as an immediate backup should storms damage the outer layer, but such damage needs to be repaired and between seasons is the perfect time for it. If a shingle or piece of siding was blown loose during summer storm winds, the house wrap or tar paper will continue to offer a layer of protection. However, that loose piece will allow for snow and ice buildup with the winter storms, which as it slowly melts will find its way into your walls and cause more damage.