Are you someone who doesn’t look forward to winter? Don’t let the Grinch get you down.  Winter is for family time, holiday gathering time, and cozy time. Wintertime should not be an expensive time for your energy meters.

Take a look at these ten easy ways to cut down your energy costs this winter below.

And when you’re ready to winterize your homestead, be sure to contact The Construction Group to upgrade your insulation or replace your outdated windows – just to name just a few!

10 Tips for Energy Winter Savings

Whether it’s a quick fix or not, you should stay attentive to the weather elements as they’re directly tied to your wallet.

Here are some simple ways to keep your home warm and energy-efficient this winter.

1. Replace Insulation

Properly insulating your home not only reduces heating and cooling costs but also improves comfort. Wall insulation can reduce a home’s heat loss by 67%, while attic insulation can lead to a 40% decrease in heating and cooling costs. Your home loses approximately 26% of heat loss via the roof.

Among the best places to replace old insulation with new insulation are new wall spaces, existing walls, and unfinished attics. If you really want to airtight your home, spray foam is the most efficient insulation in this modern age.

But beware, this type should only be sprayed by professionals. Let The Construction Group handle your insulation needs. 

2. Caulking and Sealing

Check the seals on your windows and doors. If you can feel cool air coming through them, you probably have cracks. Seal them with caulk and replace old weatherstripping.

3. Fix Duct Work

Check your ventilation and air conditioning ducts for any leaks. This may result from a faulty system and require an HVAC specialist to fix it. In any case, have your HVAC inspected yearly.

4. Replace Your Thermostat

Replace and upgrade your thermostat. If you have an older model, consider replacing it with a smart thermostat that will adjust the temperature automatically. If you’re gone during the day, the smart thermostat will be set to a lower temperature until you get home.

Many homes reduce their energy bills by 10 to 15% from thermostat changes alone!

5. Replace Old Windows

Chances are, you might still have the original windows on an older home. Older windows were poorly designed, allowing windows to leak air. Replacing your old windows can increase energy efficiency by up to three times.

6. Conserve Water

Hot water usage, especially during the winter, can contribute to high energy bills. A little thing such as shortening your hot shower by a few minutes can reduce your water and heating usage.

Or, consider replacing your shower head with a recommended energy-saving shower head, such as a WaterSense brand recommended by the Environmental Protection Agency.

7. Utilize Sunlight and Ceiling Fans

You can leverage natural heat by keeping curtains and blinds open during the day to allow sunlight to warm your home. At night, close them to reduce heat loss. This passive method can help maintain warmth without using additional energy.

It’s also wise to start reversing the direction of your ceiling fans to push warm air downward during winter. This helps distribute heated air more evenly, keeping the room warmer and reducing the need for excessive heating.

8. Optimize Heating Systems

Regular maintenance of your heating system ensures it runs efficiently all winter. Clean or replace air filters, check ductwork for leaks, and schedule a professional tune-up.

Programmable or smart thermostats are also effective in regulating temperatures and optimizing energy usage by adjusting temperatures when you're asleep or away.

9. Upgrade to Energy-Efficient Appliances and Lighting

Older appliances tend to consume more energy, so if it’s time for an appliance upgrade, consider upgrading to energy-efficient models certified by ENERGY STAR. These appliances use less energy without compromising functionality, contributing to reduced utility bills over time.

In addition, try to swap out incandescent bulbs for energy-efficient LED or CFL bulbs. Not only do these bulbs last longer, but they also use significantly less energy, reducing electricity costs during the winter months.

10. Schedule a Home Energy Audit

If you’re abiding by plenty of energy-saving tips but still not satisfied with how high your energy costs are, then it’s time to consider hiring a professional to conduct a home energy audit. This assessment accurately identifies areas of energy inefficiency and will provide you with tailored recommendations to optimize energy use and reduce costs throughout the winter.

The Construction Group is Your Energy Efficiency Contractor!

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