If you’re thinking of making a few home improvements before the winter weather hits, you don’t have to undertake a complete remodel to get a better ROI. One of the fastest and easiest home improvements you can make is to install new windows. Not only does it increase your home’s curb appeal, but it also helps to keep your home more comfortable all year long, even on the coldest winter months. This can add up to lower energy costs overall, reducing the stress on your HVAC system and the cost of maintenance in the process.


At The Construction Group in Maplewood, our window replacement contractors offer a wide range of window options to match any budget and style needs. In this post, we’ll talk about a few signs it might be time to install new windows in your home.


1.      High Heating and Cooling Bills

If your cooling bill was astronomical this summer, that most likely means your HVAC unit is working hard and still struggling to keep up. In most cases, this also indicates you can expect more of the same when the weather dips below freezing this winter.


HVAC systems that have to work extra hard need repairs and maintenance more often. Do your home and everyone inside a favor by upgrading your windows so your house is more comfortable without costing an arm and a leg.


2.      Drafty House

If your family always ends up shivering through the winter under layer after layer of sweaters and blankets, your home heating system isn’t keeping up with the bitter cold outside. Often, this is due to the presence of drafts caused by poor seals around your windows or air infiltration.


By replacing your windows, you’ll help your home maintain a more comfortable thermal layer even on the coldest nights. With a few window updates, you’ll be able to sit right next to the window and watch the snowfall without shivering this holiday season.


3.      Windows are Hard to Open

Windows that stick or are hard to open are probably on their last leg. Too often, homeowners put up with broken windows needlessly for far too long.


Your window should stay open on its own rather than requiring a stick or stack of books to stay propped open. If opening your windows means going through a ritual of tapping and shaking or mastering a special trick to jar it open, it’s time to replace them.


4.      Windows are Visibly in Need of Repair

One of the things we often see is that homeowners don’t realize how bad their windows were until they replace them. Older homes often have windows that are nailed down or have peeling paint or broken panes. If your windows are in bad shape, we can replace them with new windows that match the original architectural style of your home.

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