It’s fall right now, but with cold fronts blowing down from the Arctic, winter’s chill will be upon us before we know it. In the Twin Cities, we’re no strangers to cold weather, but we also know that winter can bring unexpected storms. As a homeowner, managing the damage a winter storm can cause can be frustrating, but it’s also unavoidable. That’s why it helps to have a trustworthy home improvement team on speed dial so you have someone to call for storm damage assessment and snow damage repair services.


At The Construction Group in Woodbury, we offer 18-point storm damage inspections to help keep Twin Cities homes safe while protecting their owners’ investments. In this post, our expert snow damage repair services and storm damage assessment team breaks down what you need to know about dealing with damage from winter storms.


What to Expect With a Winter Storm

The types of damage that can occur depend as much on the type and state of repair of a home as they do on the weather. Keeping up with minor repairs can be vital to protecting your home from serious storm damage. There are two main types of damage that we typically see after winter storms:


●        Damage from Moisture Infiltration and Water - Winter storms can bring heavy rains, hail, snow, and ice. All of these can add up to water damage both inside your home and on your home’s exterior. Damaged or clogged gutters can lead to water leaking into your home and damaging your interior. They can also lead to stains on your siding. Ice dams are another main cause of water infiltration and roof damage.


●        Impact Damage from Wind - In Minnesota, we don’t usually experience tornadoes ripping apart roofs during the winter. But we do see high winds peeling off shingles, especially when they’re damaged to begin with. High winds can also damage your gutter channel system and windows.


Steps to Follow if a Winter Storm Hits

When it comes to dealing with storm damage, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Making sure your doors and windows are properly sealed and no repairs are needed on your gutters, windows, or roof can help reduce the damage your home sees after a strong winter storm.


If a storm does hit, follow these important steps:


1.      Make sure your family is in a safe place.

2.      Make sure it’s safe to return home.

3.      Call your insurance agent right away.

4.      Call a storm damage repair company.


Program Our Twin Cities Snow Damage Repair Services Number Into Your Phone

If you’re worried about keeping your home and family safe this winter, plan ahead before the wild weather hits. Take a moment to program our Twin Cities repair services number into your phone so you can call us in an emergency.


We’ll work with you to assess the damage and then help you repair or rebuild. Connect with our team at The Construction Group at 651-731-5857 or contact us to schedule your free siding installation quote.