Whether you live in an older home which needs exterior repairs, found a great deal on a home but don’t especially like the exterior, or if you’ve decided over time you like another style better, you may at some point want to improve your home’s exterior. You may consider rebuilding the entire exterior at once or simply replace a bit at a time. There are a few things to consider as to your options and what is available in today’s market.


Vinyl siding is often considered a baseline standard for new siding. It is fairly easy to install on top of most existing siding products, is available in any color you pick, and looks beautiful now and in the future with little maintenance. Cement fiber board products make an even more durable siding which adds insulation R-value to the house. Cedar siding, whether planks or shakes, is a classic design known for its function and looks.

Windows and Doors

New windows and doors are a way to improve the looks of your home while also increasing its efficiency. Windows and doors are what your guests see as focal and entry points on the front of your house. They also provide the potential for treated air loss from the inside of your home when they aren’t functioning properly. Modern styles of windows and doors are more efficient by design, and especially so if older windows are not working properly.


Roofing is the most important aspect of your house as the first barrier against the weather. You may or may not want to change your roof’s color, but if you have to repair leaks regularly or perform ongoing maintenance, you may want to consider a new roof for function and to reduce the amount of bills you have over time. Don’t rule out a new color or style, you’ll be surprised at how your home can take on a new look with different roof designs.

Talk to a general contractor about what you would like changed at your house and what needs to be upgraded. Form a plan and begin making the upgrades according to importance and following your schedule rather than waiting until aspects of your home absolutely have to be repaired immediately.