Remodeling your kitchen is a delightful way to achieve a fresh look and incorporate a sustainable design. Unfortunately, a green kitchen remodel can easily break the budget. Fortunately, you can protect the environment by trying these three budget-friendly, green kitchen ideas.

Use Eco-Friendly Flooring

When it comes to your kitchen flooring, you want a low-maintenance option that still gives your kitchen a fabulous look. Hardwood and vinyl flooring have always been a popular option for homeowners. However, hardwood flooring isn’t sustainable since they reduce the number of trees available for clean air. Research shows that vinyl flooring can contain some toxic chemicals that may be detrimental to you and your family’s health. Fortunately, there are some sustainable flooring options available that are affordable, including using reclaimed wood, recycle metal tiles, and stone tiles.

Incorporate Sustainable Countertops

For most homeowners, upgrading your countertops are a requirement to achieve a complete kitchen remodel. One of the most popular options for countertops is granite. Granite countertops are expensive. Additionally, these countertops aren’t really sustainable when you consider the negative impact on the environment associated with quarrying the rock. Furthermore, some researchers have noted that some granite could release toxins, such as radon after they are installed in your home.

A better, sustainable solution for countertops includes using reclaimed materials. Reclaimed wood countertops are a popular option for homeowners considering a sustainable kitchen remodel. Homeowners who choose these countertops get the peace of mind knowing that they are protecting their environment by using wood that’s already harvested. Additionally, reclaimed wood is a cost-effective way to replace countertops when you consider their longevity.

Choose Open Storage Options for Cabinets

One not-so-obvious way to protect the environment is to forego wooden kitchen cabinets. Many modern kitchens are incorporating open storage options, which allows you to use shelves instead of traditional cabinets. Floating shelves not only sustainable, but they give you the opportunity to display your cookware, which adds to the overall look of your kitchen. Beyond the added benefit of enhancing your kitchen’s aesthetics, you’ll find that floating shelves are a cost-efficient alternative to traditional cabinets.

At The Construction Group, we are happy to assist you in achieving a budget-friendly, sustainable kitchen. Our team has years of experience when it comes to kitchen remodeling. Instead of racking your brain about ways to achieve an eco-friendly kitchen, give us a call so we can help you discuss your options.