If your kitchen is short on counter space and functionality, installing an island can be a gamechanger. A kitchen island is a high-value improvement that is among one of the most popular home remodeling services to invest in.

A kitchen island adds an additional food prep surface and can function as an extra space for family meals, homework, board games, or just coffee and conversation. Add appliances or even an additional range to maximize usefulness.

At The Construction Group in Minnesota, we can help you transform your kitchen with an island that’s customized to the needs of your home and family. Check out these ideas and then give us a call to schedule your home remodeling project.

1.   Maximize Usefulness

Is your kitchen counter crowded with appliances? A kitchen island is a perfect place to install a refrigerated wine rack, microwave, convection oven, or espresso machine. Make your kitchen easier to use by shifting your dishwasher to your island. Adding a trash compactor or separate pull-out bins to your island can also free up space and keep detritus tucked away out of sight.

2.   Get Extra Seating

It can be difficult to fit all of the seating you need around the dining table in a formal dining room. But bar stools take up a lot less space than formal dining chairs. Line bar stools up to your kitchen island for a casual dining spot that’s never short on space when you need it. 

3.   Add a Marble Countertop

Even if you consider yourself a master in the kitchen, you need the right tools for the job to excel at your craft. A marble countertop is considered by many chefs to be the ideal food prep surface due to the cool temperature of the stone. Marble slabs are also easy to clean and look absolutely stunning. Or consider adding a built-in cutting board like a professional gourmet chef would have.

4.   Give Pets a Canine Breakfast Nook

Pet owners consider their pets as much a part of their families as any human members. A skilled contractor can add a feeding zone for pets along with pull-out storage to store your pet’s food and supplies.

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