When a house is built, it is often provided with functional yet basic and generic countertop. The reason is so the house will appeal to more potential buyers than custom countertops may attract, but now that you’ve bought the house there’s no reason not to upgrade to countertops you like better.  Today’s builders have access to a multitude of styles according to your tastes so the kitchen can become a place where you love to spend time cooking for yourself, friends, and family.


Today’s laminate styles offer far more choices than the boring pinks and baby blues associated with 1960’s laminates. Bright and festive colors are available, as well as subdued and calming ones. Patterns can simulate stone, wood grain, or metal and edges can take on the contours of a chamfer or curved cut according to your desire.


Wood countertops are a classic for their rugged durability while providing the feel of a professional chopping block. With a proper finish and maintenance, wood will resist stains and burns while gaining more style, personality, and beauty as they age.

Traditional Stone

Stone countertops have always been a sign of class and exquisite taste. Whether you prefer granite, marble, or slate, stone countertops will add flair to your kitchen no other countertops can provide. As an alternate option, stone tiles can be used to build a custom countertop unlike anyone else’s. Whichever you choose, stone counters will look great and last for generations as a defining aspect of your kitchen and home.

Crushed Crystal

Crushed crystal has the same features as traditional stone without the maintenance of re-sealing stone requires. Crushed crystal is virtually unbreakable and returns to new with a simple cleaning. Pots and pans can go directly from the stove or oven to the counters without need for a potholder. Cutting boards are used not to prevent scratches to the countertop, but to keep your knives from dulling or breaking.

Custom countertops are both beautiful and useful. Discuss with your remodeling contractor which style would best suit your kitchen to determine how best to renovate and upgrade your cooking space.