If your bathroom is in need of updating, it can make your entire home feel out of sync. Your bathroom should be a sanctuary in your home, a place of comfort and rest. If you’re getting tired of looking at the same outdated bathroom features, the bathroom remodeling experts at The Construction Group are here to help.


Updating the fixtures in your bathroom can completely transform the look of this important piece of your home. Our bathroom remodeling contractors can make sure your new bathroom is up to code and gets done the right way the first time. We’ve put together this helpful guide to walk you through three types of bathroom fixtures that we can use to completely transform your bathroom appeal.


1.      Replacement Lighting Fixtures

Replacing the lighting fixtures in your bathroom can completely change its appearance. Lighting can easily date your home, but replacing existing features with more modern or minimalist pieces can create an entirely new look. From vanity lights to sconces, having a flattering, soft lighting backdrop in your bathroom can create a relaxing environment you will love to spend time in. Pendants and recessed lighting can also add a touch of glamour to a space.


2.      New Cabinet Fixtures

Treat your bathroom to new cabinet fixtures or better yet to new cabinets. Our bathroom remodeling contractors can create something new and beautiful that expands on your existing storage. We can help you put the entire look together and make recommendations to help you select the right color, style, and materials. We understand what it takes to create a cohesive design, and we can walk you through the entire process from start to finish.


3.      Plumbing Fixtures

Nothing brings down the vibe of a bathroom like an outdated toilet. Completely replacing your toilet or sink can make your bathroom seem like an entirely new space. Or for an even bigger “wow” factor, take out that old bathtub and replace it with something beautiful and modern like a stunning walk-in shower. We can also replace your faucet or other shower fixtures for a striking new look.


Bathroom Remodeling Experts in Minnesota

If you’re ready to transform your bathroom into the dreamy space you’ve always imagined, our home remodeling experts can help. At The Construction Group located just outside of St. Paul, we are experts with bathroom remodeling projects.


We can help you pick out fixtures that will completely match the look of your home and help you accomplish the style you are going for. We can also install custom cabinetry and create custom countertops and countertop installation. To learn more about how we can completely transform your bathroom space, call our remodeling professionals at 651-731-5857 or contact us for more information.