Minnesota’s winters can be long and cold, which means the inside of your home can get pretty dark under all those overcast skies. If you are ready to let the sunshine in, consider replacing the windows in your home with gleaming  new replacement windows that can brighten the place up.


At The Construction Group in Minnesota, we know everything there is to know about brightening up interior spaces using window design, and we offer a wide range of windows to help. This helpful post will walk you through how our window replacement experts use windows to brighten up the inside of your home during the long winter months.


Brighten a Room with a Bay or Bow Window

One of the best ways to brighten up a room is by adding a bay or bow window. A bay window consists of three panes--one main pane and two angled panes on either side. A bow window, on the other hand, has a more circular appearance. Both bay and bow windows have the ability to dramatically alter the lighting in a room, flooding it with illumination.


Bay windows offer a more modern feel, whereas bow windows work well in period or revival homes. Both styles of windows also protrude to the exterior of a home, creating a roomier feeling.


Replace Your Windows With a New Style

If a bay or bow window is not quite your speed, consider replacing old, outdated windows with a different new look to brighten up your space. At The Construction Group, our experienced window contractors can oversee your window replacement project from start to finish. We remove all of the old windows from your home and dispose of them for you. Your new windows will be protected not only with a manufacturer’s warranty but with our installation warranty as well.


We offer these options:

●        Double hung windows

●        Garden windows

●        Sliders

●        Casements

●        Awning and hopper

●        Storm windows


Minnesota Window Contractor Professionals

Whether you are looking for new ways to brighten up a room or simply want to change your home’s current look to add to its overall value and curb appeal, we can help. Our window contracting experts can help you choose a design you love and make the right decision for your home. We also offer trim to finish off the look as well as a wide range of other services.

To discuss what we can do for you, call our expert window contractors at 651-731-5857 or contact us to check out our wide range of window options.