Getting your roof professionally cleaned is a small investment that can add several years to the life of your roofing system. If you neglect your roof, however, you could be looking a total replacement much sooner than expected.


The Construction Group offers complete roofing service including professional cleaning, ongoing maintenance, and costly repairs. If you need your roof cleaned, call us today. We can restore your roof’s natural appearance and improve your home’s curb appeal.

What Happens When You Neglect Your Roof?

Time and the elements will inevitably destroy your roof. Although it may take a few years, it won’t be long before your roof starts to decompose. It’s staggering just how many substances, and decomposers are all working on your roof at the same time.


Snow and ice aside, your roof is a battleground for algae, fungus, mold, lichens, debris, and zinc oxide. Add high winds, downpours, UV rays, pollution, dirt, and rust, and you’ve got a disaster in the making.


The process of breaking down your roof happens so slowly that you don’t notice it. Then one day, you look up and wonder why your roof is discolored and looks terrible. The real issues, however, are not cosmetic. It’s what’s going on beneath the surface that should concern you.


The same elements that are discoloring your roof are also decomposing your asphalt shingles, eating into the wood frame, clogging up the ventilation, and rusting out your exhaust pipes. These same decomposers will eventually weaken your roof, warp the wood, and cause leaks and drafts.

The Value of Your Roof

Meanwhile, your warranty won’t cover roof repairs, your insurance company won’t cover the cost of a roof replacement, and your home’s resale value will plummet. Not to mention, the integrity of your roof is now in question when a severe storm, ice dam, or tornado decides to wreak havoc on your home.


Your roof is your home’s most important component. It’s by far the most expensive. If you neglect your roof, it will also compromise the structural integrity of your home. How?


●        Leaks will eventually find their way to your home’s ceiling and walls.

●        Mold will invade a good portion of your home.

●        Your energy bill will skyrocket.

●        Moisture can render your fiberglass insulation useless.

●        The inside of your home will become a feasting ground for pests.


The worst part is that you have no idea that all of this is happening. By the time you notice, you’re looking at expensive repairs in several areas of your house.

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