Ice Dam Removal Solutions

Expert Roofing Services for Removing Ice Dams

Ice dams can threaten the structural soundness of your roof, posing risks to your family and visitors. Instead of tolerating ice dams, enlist The Construction Group for prompt and efficient removal. We provide specialized ice dam removal services within our suite of residential roofing options, equipped to handle ice issues on any residential roof in the Twin Cities metro area. If ice dams burden your roof, don’t delay—reach out to The Construction Group at 651-731-5857 for rapid assistance!

Understanding Ice Dam Formation

Many Minnesota homeowners are familiar with ice dams but might need help understanding why they occur. Here’s a quick rundown:

Warmth escaping from your home or heat from the sun causes snow on your roof to melt. This meltwater flows down the roof, refreezing when it reaches the colder eaves. If not addressed, this cycle causes water to pool behind the ice at the eaves, which could lead to significant leakage and damage inside your home. Continuous melting and refreezing increase the weight of ice, creating substantial pressure across your roof.

An ice dam can also abruptly collapse if temperatures rise, posing immediate hazards. Alternatively, it may persist through winter, causing ongoing stress to your roof. It is crucial to recognize signs of ice-related damage early and consult a professional for removal and repair.

Why Professional Removal is Essential

Removing an ice dam might seem straightforward, but it’s a task best left to professionals. Every winter, homeowners risk injuries trying to tackle ice dams themselves. Our certified Minnesota roofing experts bring genuine expertise—not just ice removal techniques—to every job. We don’t just clear ice; we assess and repair any damage, ensuring your roof’s integrity.

Significant ice dam buildup can weaken fascia, damage gutters, or tear off asphalt shingles. Given the potential severity of damage from ice dams, we recommend a professional inspection to identify any necessary repairs. An early spring inspection can prevent minor issues from escalating into major expenses.

Suspect an ice dam on your roof? Contact The Construction Group immediately. We’re ready to remove the ice dam efficiently, inspect for damage, and implement necessary repairs. We service all homes in St. Paul and the wider Twin Cities metro area. To arrange for ice dam removal, call 651-731-5857 or visit our contact page today.

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