Artisanal Chimney & Masonry Services

Unleash the potential of professional masonry with The Construction Group, your experts in creating lasting value for your home. If you’re considering constructing a new chimney, our skilled masons distinguish between a mediocre job and a stunning, durable masterpiece.

Our team excels at crafting chimneys, foundations, walkways, patios, porches, and retaining walls with precision and artistry. Ready to enhance your property? 

Chimney Construction and Repair Expertise

In the challenging Minnesota climate, your chimney’s integrity is crucial. Substandard construction can lead to significant damage and safety hazards. We specialize in building robust chimneys designed to withstand the harshest weather conditions.

If your existing chimney is in disrepair, contact us immediately. Our contractors swiftly repair and restore chimneys, ensuring they are functional and safe. Whether it’s replacing the crown or repairing the entire stack, we focus on extending your chimney’s lifespan while preventing costly future damage.

Dependable Masonry Excellence

Are you curious about our craftsmanship? We’re delighted to offer consultations where we showcase various projects we’ve completed, providing a glimpse into our work’s quality and diversity. We aim to make your decision-making process as informed and effortless as possible.

Masonry is an art that enhances your home’s functionality and aesthetic. Call 651-731-5857 to discover more about how The Construction Group can elevate your home with professional masonry services.

Choose us for your next project and invest in artisanal masonry work to enhance your home’s overall look and curb appeal.

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