Cedar siding enhances the aesthetic appeal of your home but requires maintenance to preserve its beauty and longevity. In this post from The Construction Group in Minnesota, we delve into the options for cedar siding stains to help you make the best choice for your Twin Cities home. Don’t hesitate to contact us for personalized advice and solutions from a siding contractor.

Selecting the Ideal Cedar Stain

Cedar is a versatile and attractive wood used worldwide for building materials, aromatic storage solutions, and moth-repellent storage. When cedar is used outdoors for siding, decking, or furniture, an exterior-grade stain is crucial to protect it from elements like UV rays, moisture, and decay.

There are primarily three types of stains used for cedar:

  • Oil-based stains penetrate deep into the wood to provide robust protection while enhancing the wood’s natural colors.
  • Water-based stains: known for their durability and ease of cleaning, they offer good protection against weathering without the strong odors of oil-based products.
  • Hybrid stains combine the advantages of oil- and water-based stains, offering durable protection with more accessible application and cleanup.

Choosing a Stain Color

The color of the stain you choose can significantly affect the appearance of your cedar siding. Stain transparency varies from clear to solid, each level influencing how much of the wood’s natural grain and texture is visible:

  • Transparent stains let the natural beauty of the wood shine through, showing off its grain and natural imperfections.
  • Semi-transparent and semi-solid stains provide color while allowing some of the wood’s texture and grain to show through.
  • Solid stains offer the most UV protection but will obscure the cedar’s natural grain, making them more like paint.

Applying Stain Over Existing Coatings

If your cedar siding already has a stain, choosing a compatible product for reapplication is essential. You can usually apply a new coat of water- or oil-based stain over an old layer but remember that oil-based stains cannot adhere properly to existing water-based products. For such cases, sticking with a water-based stain is advisable.

Connect With a Professional Siding Contractor

Choosing the right stain and applying it correctly can significantly extend the life and beauty of your cedar siding. To discuss your cedar siding needs or get a free quote on our services, contact The Construction Group in Woodbury today at 651-731-5857 or online. Our licensed and insured professionals are ready to assist you with expert siding solutions.

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