You’re likely aware of spalling brick if your home has a chimney. Spalling occurs when water infiltrates the brick, causing it to chip, peel, and flake. Left untreated, the damage can lead to crumbling and complete brick deterioration. Addressing spalling brick promptly is crucial for several reasons beyond aesthetics.

Why Immediate Repair is Essential

  • Mold Growth: Trapped water in your chimney can foster mold development, which is hazardous to your family’s health. Immediate inspection and repair are necessary to prevent mold.
  • Structural Weakening: Water damage compromises your chimney’s structure, which can extend to your home’s walls, framework, and boards, putting your entire home at risk and reducing its lifespan.
  • Roof Risk: Weakening around the chimney can endanger the stability of your roof, increasing the risk of collapse and posing severe safety hazards.
  • Continuous Deterioration: Spalling can spread, causing adjacent bricks to deteriorate, leading to a more extensive and costly issue.

Steps to Repair Spalling Brick

Once you’ve identified the spalling brick, quick action is required to repair the area. Follow these steps to restore your chimney to a sturdy condition:

  1. Assess the Damage: Examine the spalling brick to determine the cause and extent of the damage. Note the number of affected bricks to estimate the materials needed for replacement.
  2. Professional Help: If more than three bricks are damaged, it’s advisable to contact a professional roofer.
  3. Match the Bricks: Ensure the new bricks match the existing ones in appearance and size to maintain aesthetics and functionality.
  4. Remove Damaged Bricks: Carefully remove the mortar around the spalled bricks using a hammer or suitable tool. A drill may be necessary to clear out the damaged brick fully.
  5. Prepare the Area: Before placing new bricks, make sure the area is clean and dampened with water.
  6. Apply Mortar: Use a trowel to apply mortar around the area’s perimeter. Aim for a 10mm thick layer of mortar.
  7. Install New Bricks: Place the new brick into the prepared space, securing it with mortar to ensure stability.
  8. Consult a Professional: Discuss your project with a professional to choose the right mortar type and ensure proper installation.

Professional Roof & Chimney Restoration Services

The Construction Group offers the solution if spalling bricks compromise your roof and chimney. We provide swift and professional roofing and exterior remodeling services for Minnesota homeowners.

Our team will identify the root cause of your spalling brick and provide a secure, long-lasting repair. We start with a free estimate so you know what to expect from the repair process.

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