Cedar siding can beautifully transform the exterior of your home. Still, it will require a fresh coat of stain over time to maintain its charm and protection. This guide from The Construction Group in Woodbury, Minnesota, explores cedar siding stains to help you select the right one for your Twin Cities home. For more information on siding contractor solutions, give us a call today.

Choosing the Right Cedar Stain

Cedar is a timeless and versatile wood with applications ranging from household items to architectural elements. Found globally, from the Mediterranean to North America, cedar is naturally resistant to insects, making it a popular choice for both indoor and outdoor use. Historically, due to its aromatic properties, cedar has been used for clothing storage, house building, and even religious ceremonies.

When used outdoors for siding, decks, fences, or furniture, cedar requires an exterior-grade sealant to protect against UV damage, mold, decay, and moisture. There are three primary types of cedar stains to consider:

  • Oil-based stain
  • Water-based stain
  • Hybrid stain

Choosing a Stain Color

Selecting the best stain color for your cedar siding involves deciding on the level of transparency or opacity you desire. A more transparent stain allows the wood’s natural imperfections and grain details to shine, enhancing its natural beauty. Opt for a more transparent or translucent stain to maintain the wood’s natural look while providing protection. Opaque stains, while providing more coverage, can hide some of the cedar’s inherent charm.

Working With an Existing Stain

If your cedar siding already has a stain, consult a reputable contractor to determine the best approach. While it’s possible to add a new coat of stain over an existing one, the type of existing stain will dictate your options. Water-based or oil-based stains can be applied over an oil-based stain, but oil-based products cannot penetrate water-based stains. Therefore, if your current stain is water-based, you’ll need to use another water-based stain.

Connect With a Siding Contractor in Minnesota

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