The TCG Difference


Embarking on a home remodeling project is a significant decision. With numerous contractors available, knowing what sets one apart is crucial. At The Construction Group (TCG), the critical factors in choosing a contractor revolve around effective communication, quality of work, and a commitment to stand behind that work.

Open Communication

Any home renovation can disrupt your daily life. At TCG, we understand this and ensure open and consistent communication throughout your project to minimize this impact. Unlike other firms, your primary contact will be Scott Campbell, the owner. Scott, with his personal touch, will oversee all aspects of your project, from scheduling around your commitments to explaining every detail. This personalized approach ensures you feel valued and important every step of the way.

Uncompromising Quality

With TCG, you can expect nothing less than top-tier quality. We employ the industry’s most skilled and detail-oriented craftsmen who share our ethos of no shortcuts and no subpar materials. We deliver a finished project you will enjoy for many years, crafted with pride and precision. This commitment to quality ensures you feel reassured and confident in your investment.

Solid Warranties

We back our work with robust warranties beyond standard manufacturers’ guarantees. TCG offers a comprehensive 10-year warranty on our workmanship, which covers all aspects of the project. We’ve built a reputation for reliability and durability, ensuring we’re here for you today and in the future.

Advocacy for Your Interests

In the event of storm damage, many homeowners think of calling their insurance company first. However, it’s crucial to remember that insurance companies prioritize their interests. Before you call your insurer, contact TCG. We advocate on your behalf, ensuring you receive the full scope of repairs you deserve. Our commitment to transparent communication means you stay informed and stress-free while we handle the complexities. This advocacy for your interests ensures you feel protected and secure.

Serving All of Minnesota

From comprehensive renovations to detailed project management and insurance advocacy, TCG is dedicated to providing superior service across Minnesota. Choose The Construction Group for a difference you can see and trust.

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