Every component of your home’s exterior plays a vital role in both function and style. Some of the most prominent elements include siding, gutters, and windows. While each may seem like a separate entity, all of them have to come together to trim up your home’s design in a way that is cohesive and seamless. Below, we discuss how to achieve this cohesion as we install new siding, gutters, and windows on your house exterior.



Of all your functional home decor, gutters are by far the most challenging piece to add to the puzzle. And it’s for this reason that you should pay particular attention to the aesthetic appeal and cohesive properties of the gutters you choose. The question you may be asking is what matching options do you have? In most of the homes we work on, we install the gutters to match one of the three components:


●        The siding that wraps around the entire home (the safest choice)

●        The trim that is positioned at strategic points around the house for a professional finish

●        The roof which spans over the house



Before we install siding on your home, you’ll have to answer a lot of questions. The first issue is settling on a siding color and design that will feel as timeless and fresh ten years from now as the day we first installed it. Since the siding is the foundation of the entire home design, it’s best to pick it first and then add components to match. Here are some items to consider when making a final choice:


●        Is the siding neighborhood friendly? Does it match your neighbor’s homes?

●        What is the architectural style of your home?

●        What is the size and dimension of the home?

●        What color is the roof? What is the color of the current gutters and trim?

●        What weather conditions affect how the house will look in every season?



When it comes to investing in windows, the primary concern will forever be efficiency and code compliance. A close second, however, should be design and style. Once you’ve chosen the siding, picking the style and color of the window should be an easier task. Here are some pointers:


●        Match your home’s architectural style as closely as possible.

●        Colorful windows with defined trim are attractive.

●        Choose the best accent colors for your window frames.

●        Remember, the windows, siding, and gutters should make a collective statement - don’t forget the cohesion factor in the decision.

●        Windows should match both the inside and outside - consider how they will appeal to your interiors.


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