Most homeowners know very little about their roof. Thus, they are likely to make many assumptions about their roof that are just not correct. This could lead to problems down the road when the time comes for a roofing contractor to repair the roof or provide standard maintenance. The fact is, no one knows a roof better than a certified, experienced roofer. Therefore, before you attempt a DIY project or want to save money by hiring an amateur to repair your roof, contact The Construction Group today. A professional repair will save you time, money, and a significant hassle down the road.


What are the 4 Misconceptions About Residential Roofs?


1. Roofs are on Autopilot

Contractors assemble roofs from wood, asphalt, metal, and plastic (among other materials). None of these elements will withstand mother nature’s brutality forever. Like anything else, roofs will be to show signs of wear and tear after the first ten years of installation. Once we install a roof, we will need to perform ongoing maintenance through the years to ensure that your roof meets the warranty.


2. You Can Do DIY Roofing Repairs

The answer is yes you can - but at what cost? It is true that many of the jobs that a roofing contractor in Woodbury can perform, a homeowner can perform as well. But here are some questions you need to ask before you take on a DIY roofing repair or roofing installation:


●        How much experience do you have fixing or installing roofs?

●        Will your DIY job be covered under your warranty and your insurance?

●        What is your plan if something goes wrong?

●        Are you willing to settle for amateur work or would you rather benefit from professional work?


3. Roof Repair/Replacement Takes Too Much Time

It depends on who is doing the job. If an amateur is doing the work, it could take several days. If a The Construction Group roofing contractor is doing the job, we should be able to complete the project in a day or two. Having a professional around comes in handy when you need emergency roof repair or replacement. This is why you should make the investment and trust in a skilled pro to do the job for you.


4. Your Warranty/Insurance Could be Canceled if You Replace the Roof

Again, this depends on who is doing a job. Before you get your roof replaced, review your warranty and call your insurance company. Find out what conditions must be met for both to cover the roof replacement. We can help you look at the fine print and design the new roof so that it satisfies the guidelines of both the warranty and the insurance policy.


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