For many homeowners, choosing a new siding color can seem like a daunting task. The key is to get expert advice from siding specialists who have extensive experience in the field. The Construction Group can help you discover all the options available to you as you get ready to replace your old siding.

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Here’s a handy siding color guide that will walk you through the preliminary phase of choosing a siding for your home.

Your House Determines Your Siding

The reason you chose your house is that it suits your style and taste. Your home is distinctive and has its character both inside and out. Therefore, the style and design of your home should determine the color of your siding.

Matching the siding to your house is a great starting point for making your final decision. Here are some examples!

Craftsman Home

Try an earthy color like deep reds, olive, rich browns.

Tuscan Home

Go with stone colors or warmer tones that look natural. When it comes to stone, go with a tone that complements the house instead of contrasting it.

Low Country Home

Low country homes are usually decorated with a light blue tone. Pick a neutral color that accents it.

Victorian Home

Victorian homes call for a more bold approach with strong, solid colors that you’re not afraid to show off.

French Country Home

French homes give you flexibility due to the broad range of appeal. Therefore you should start with a favorite color and then build on it. If you need some help, use the color wheel for color schemes.


Whether you have a non-traditional or angular design, most colors and textures will work for your siding. Go bold or muted; Think grays, blue-grays, whites, wood grain browns, or black. You can also add a modern touch by choosing from a variety of sizes and strip patterns.

Siding for the modern vibe could be reduced to a slick complementary accent rather than a wall to wall uniform covering.

Choose the Main Siding Color

If your home currently fits into one of the categories below with a solid coat of paint as a base, it’s time to choose a primary siding color. Remember the goal is to match colors that naturally contrast or complement each other.

If you have no idea where to go from here, our roofing contractors at The Construction Group can help you discover your options. You may also want to enlist the help of a home exterior decorator. Asking for expert advice could help you avoid costly or regretable mistakes.

Here are some things to think about when deciding on house siding colors.

Choose a Secondary Color for Trim

Most siding is topped off with some trim or accent piece along the edges of the main panels. Remember, you can never go wrong with a classic, white trim. It works well with almost any design regardless of the layers of colors.

Try this: Go with a bold trim for neutral colors if you want the design to pop.

Let’s Take Your Siding Design to the Next Level

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