Nearly every home can use a bathroom upgrade on occasion. An older house may show the signs of wear or simply be out of style while a newer house may have been built to a contractor’s generic standards without the personal touches you’d like to have available. Although fresh paint can provide a bathroom facelift, a full remodel can customize it better suit your needs.

Vanity and Sink Options

Vanities and sinks are often fairly generic when the house is built, serving only to fill their functions without reflecting your personal style of decorating. Any style you can imagine is available in this day and age, whether you prefer the rustic look of a cabin styled bath with modern conveniences, a formal appearance of grand elegance, or a basic functional vanity made of better materials.

Tile Flooring

Whether your bathroom has a vinyl floor, tiles you don’t care for, or the worst option of carpet, it can likely benefit from the beauty and durability of new tile. Although there are definitely right and wrong ways to install tile, for an experienced professional it’s probably not as big of a job as you may imagine. A new tile floor can change the entire atmosphere of the room while adding value to the home.

Hardware: Faucets and Lighting

Faucets and lighting are another aspect of the bathroom that tend to be originally installed according to a very basic design. Faucets can add a touch of your personal style while also proving additional functionality to a sink or tub. Lighting can be upgraded to include a brighter environment when shaving, fixing your hair, or otherwise preparing for the day while a subdued lighting may be preferred for relaxation while bathing.

Don’t be afraid to ask an experienced contractor for a price quote and ideas he has seen work well for other bathrooms. Once the work is finished, you’ll find yourself wondering how you used to tolerate the old bathroom and wish you had started the project long ago. The only downside is you’ll find yourself taking longer baths and spending more time getting ready for the day as an excuse to enjoy your new restroom.