Nothing tops off a house like a solid roof design. At The Construction Group, we enjoy working on all roof-types regardless of how simple or complex they may be. Modern homes offer an assortment of options for homeowners. Therefore, before you decide what type of roof you want and what type of roofing material you want on top of it, we suggest that you read our short guide on roofing designs.


Common Roof Types

The most vital characteristic of a quality roof is its stability. Beyond this basic tenet is a world of options that allow roofing contractors and homeowners to use their imaginations. Homeowners across Minneapolis and St. Paul usually settles on one of these common roof layouts.


●        Gable. A standard design. It is hands down the most common roof platform. It’s also one of the least challenging for us to build.

●        Hip. Simply put, a hip roof has four equal sides that slope at the same angle. It is common for us to build hip roofs on top of perfectly square homes.

●        Intersecting. If your home has a complex floor plan, then we’ll need to build a complex roof plan. And, as such, it has roof sections that intersect. The area where the sections meet is known as a valley.

●        Gambrel. A gambrel roof is another name for a barn roof. We build gambrel roofs that gradually slope via sections at a time.

●        Mansard. Mansard roofs are more common on commercial buildings or apartments, but we have built them for standard homes before. Mansard roofs consist of a flat surface that ends in a slight slope at the top and a more steep slope the further down the roof you go.

●        Butterfly. Both sides of the roof slope inward instead of outward. The result is a huge valley in the middle of the roof. It is also a roof style that is not common in Minneapolis.

●        Shed. Perhaps the easiest and simplest roof design for our roofing contractors, the shed roof is built with one slope. It is ideal for sheds and other storage buildings in which water runoff is imperative.


Which Type of Roof Design is Best for You

If you are building a brand new home or looking to remodel an existing home, then you’ll need to carefully plan your roof design to accommodate your overall home floor plan. The Construction Group roofing contractors Woodbury specialist can help you with your overall roof design including helping you pick out the right roofing material to cover the design. Call us today at 651-731-5857, and let us help you get your construction project underway.