Your home is your castle, or palace as the case may be, and should reflect your personality and lifestyle. Furniture styles, paint schemes, and floor coverings can help define your living space, but custom cabinetry and fine woodworking can also work toward your goal. Whether you prefer a formal elegance throughout your home, the sheer clean design of a modern style, or the rough and practical style of a traditional cottage or cabin, your kitchen cabinets and living room mantel can demonstrate your tastes when guests come over or according to the general style you prefer to see at home.


Kitchen Islands

The kitchen island is always nice to have regardless of what style you like. A formal style with elaborate hardware and a solid surface top can emphasize the rest of your matching kitchen cabinetry, or a simplified cabinet with a cutting block top adds a sense of practicality for a kitchen used by an avid hobbyist chef. Either way, it adds an extra work space so people can prep and cook together, and it can be useful as a serving space for potluck dinners or to keep hors d'oeuvres as an afternoon or pre-dinner snack.


Fireplace Mantles

Fireplace mantles can be designed in as many styles as you can imagine for a living room's décor. A basic block of fine wood properly finished can show a subdued class, layers of trim can make an elaborate focal point as can carved wood pieces painted or stained, and anything in between can be designed and built. Built in bookshelves can be added to either side as a display for hobby items you like to have out for viewing, or actual cabinetry can be incorporated with shelving to provide storage for items you want regular access to but may not want out in plain sight when not in use.


The sky's the limit as to what can be achieved when you hire a professional carpenter to add woodworking to your home. Discuss your goals and style preference with an experienced contractor and you two will come up with a plan that will suit your needs and look beautiful for years to come.