Sometimes remodel jobs are conducted as an option to improve an already nice house which is relatively new, perhaps ten to fifteen years old. Other times, an older home may need renovations to accommodate modern appliances. It may be that you bought an older home because you appreciate the charm it provides and prefer the building styles of days past, but need some upgrades to allow for computers and a modern office. In other cases, you may have found a great bargain on an older house with the understanding it needs immediate repairs. In each case, there are usually a few common aspects of the home restoration which need to be addressed immediately before moving on to upgrades to a kitchen or bath which although needed, can be postponed if necessary.


Roofing Repairs and Installation

Your house's roof is arguably its most important feature because a roof leak will only cause more damage and more expensive repairs if allowed to remain over an extended time period. When water gets inside, it causes mold and rot which in a worst case scenario can lead to having to replace the house's very structure. In the best of situations, it will cause drywall to need replacement and an immediate need for a full interior paint job.

Roof leaks can of course be repaired, but if there are several it's likely time for a full roof replacement. On a different note, if you're conducting a thorough home restoration you're going to want a new roof that doesn't detract from the new beauty you're adding to the rest of the house. The best idea is to discuss your options with your contractor to decide the best way to proceed and what will best suit your needs now and in the future.


Windows, Doors, and Siding

New siding is a relatively easy and inexpensive way to improve the exterior of your home not just for yourself and the curb appeal it offers when company arrives, but also because it improves the neighborhood. New windows and doors likewise improve the house cosmetically and add value, but also serve a practical daily function.