With summer comes a time for entertaining guests, children are home from school, and with daylight savings time you tend to spend a bit more time at home in the afternoons and evenings. These factors all make for a great time to conduct simple home repairs and upgrades to make the house more comfortable and inviting. A contractor has the tools and experience to do simple jobs in a few days rather than weeks so you don't have the ongoing mess of a job which homeowners tend to start but never finish, whether because a friend doesn't follow through and help or because they realize the project is a bit more complicated than originally anticipated.


Interior Trim Work

A very simple home upgrade is to replace existing trim carpentry with a specialized style which better suites your tastes and home décor style. Most houses are originally built with a generic trim style which holds a common appeal for most potential home buyers. Trim work can add an elaborate formal appeal with stamped base caps, fluted door casings, and dentil crown moldings, or it can provide the timeless comfort and appeal of stained wood.


Replacement Bathroom Vanities

A bathroom can be a comfortable place to relax while bathing in the evening or have a certain appeal as you prepare for the day every morning, and a new vanity can add a particular style of charm and luxury. Replacing a vanity is a fairly simple job for a professional contractor who has the tools to do it properly and a system based on experience to do it quickly and assure it is done right the first time.


Mantles and Built-Ins

A new mantle provides a gorgeous focal point to a den or living room and can be custom built according to the style you prefer. Built in book shelves can provide neat storage for books, hobby collections, or as a display for your favorite decorative knick-knacks. Custom built entertainment centers provide clean lines to a room when compared to a freestanding entertainment center and offer customized storage which allows access to your favorite electronics and the accompanying hardware they rely on.