Your roof is the aspect of your home that holds it all together. When you sustain damage to your roof, then you weaken the overall structure of your home. In most cases, you may not know that your roof is damaged. Over time, damaged roofs can become a bigger problem and cost you more money to fix. To avoid that problem, consider these commonly overlooked roofing problems.

Pooling Water

When you allow debris to build up in and around your gutters, it’s easy for water to pool on your home. Unfortunately, pooling water can lead to extensive damage to your roof. In fact, pooling water can wear down your roof. To be safe, remove leaves and other debris from your gutters to prevent pooling, and check your roof for pooling routinely.

Holes in Your Shingles

If you’ve experienced storm damage to your roof, simply removing the tree or debris that landed on your roof isn’t enough. You have to ensure that your roof didn’t sustain any punctures. Punctures can lead to leaks, which could then lead to mold. The best way to ensure your roof isn’t punctured is to have your roof assessed by a roofing professional.

Insects and Pests

Insects and other pests are a nuisance. Beyond being a nuisance, they are a sign that something may be wrong with your roof. If you have a lot of insects and pests traveling in and out of your roof, then you obviously have a hole in your roof or attic. To ensure insects and pests don’t undermine your home’s structure, you’ll need to take care of the access point and ensure that your roof hasn’t been undermined in any way.

Poorly Installed Roofs

Finally, a poorly installed roof can be a headache. Poorly installed roofs can cause leaks, lead to flyaway shingles, and allow heat to escape your home. If you suspect you have a poorly installed roof, then it’s time to enlist the help of a licensed, experienced roofing contractor.


At The Construction Group, our goal is to ensure you have a roof that will protect your family. We can help you do that once you call and make an appointment for a roofing inspection today.