Storm damage is a problem across the United States. Storms rip through homes, displacing families at alarming rates. In some instances, many homeowners don’t know what to do after their homes have been wrecked by storms. The following are some guidelines to help homeowners manage their storm damage, so they can move back into their home as soon as possible.

Get to Safety

When it comes to a storm, the first step you should take is moving your family to a safe place. During severe weather, most local governments have shelters established to ensure residents are safe. In shelters, you’ll have access to electricity, food, and a place for your family to sleep.

Get Permission to Go Back Home

One the storm is over, you must get permission to go back to your home. Your neighborhood or your home could be a hazard. To avoid encountering a life-threatening situation, wait for emergency services to say it’s okay for you to return to your home or neighborhood before you go home.

Contact Your Insurance Company

Once you are in your home, and you’ve assessed the damage, you should contact your home insurance company. When you contact them, you should have your account information handy, so that you don’t delay your home insurance claim.

While on the phone with your home insurance company, give them as much information about your home as possible. If you mistakenly leave out information, then it could delay your home insurance claim.

If your home insurance coverage allows you to stay in a hotel, then take your family there to remain safe.

Contact a Restoration Company

If your home insurance company doesn’t have a storm damage restoration company for your, then it’s up to you to get the process started. To ensure you choose a professional, it’s imperative that you research each storm damage restoration company before making a selection. Research their rates, their experience, and their guarantees before hiring a contractor. Even though you want to move back into your home quickly, you can’t miss this step. By researching each company thoroughly, you reduce the risks of hiring a bad contractor.


At The Construction Group, we are happy to help you rebuild or repair your home following a storm. We have years of experience in storm damage restoration, and we are here to help you. Give us a call today.