As a homeowner, you know that unexpected repairs can be a budget-breaker. In most cases, delaying a minor repair can lead to excessive costs and require you to act immediately. This is especially true when it comes to roof repairs.

When repairing or replacing your roof, you need reliable and highly experienced artisans, including a manufacturer’s warranty, to do the job right. Be sure to contact The Construction Group immediately if you sense your roof might not be up to par any longer.

Roofing Mishaps That Should Be Repaired Quickly

When roofing problems go unattended, this exposes more damage and weakens your roof's structural integrity. Homeowners tend to ignore what may seem like minor roofing issues. However, ignoring them may cost you more in the long run if you continue to wait.

A Leaky Roof Can Cause Substantial Damage

Leaky roofs are one of the many problems you may encounter when it comes to your roof. Beyond allowing water to leak into your attic or a room in your home, a leaky roof can lead to bacteria growth.

Bacteria can impact your health. It can cause breathing problems and lead to allergic reactions. The best way to avoid water damage and threats to your health is to get leaks in your roof fixed as soon as possible.

Additionally, monitor your ceiling throughout the year to look for stains that signal a leak. Leaking can originate from several vulnerable points.

Damage to Your Soffit Can Lead to Leaks

Soffit is the name given to the overhanging eaves attached to your home; It’s the part of your roof that extends beyond the structure of your home. It prevents water from washing away the soil around your foundation.

Insects and birds like to build homes in your soffit, which can lead to damage. The damage can lead to wood rot and water leaks. If you notice birds in your soffit, have a professional remove them immediately to avoid damage.

Missing Shingles Allow Heat to Escape

If you're missing shingles, you may lose energy in your home. Shingles are one aspect of a multi-layer system that helps keep energy in your home.

A missing shingle means you have less roofing protection than normal. You should act immediately if you notice warped, loose, or missing shingles on your roof.

Loose or Damaged Roof Flashing

Flashing is where your roof meets a wall or significant penetration. Strong waterproofing is needed in the form of steel or aluminum.

Roof flashings prevent water from getting under the shingles by directing water away from seams and joints where water could penetrate the roof. Certain areas, such as walls, chimneys, and roof valleys, leave shingles and underlayment vulnerable to water damage.

If you believe there might be a water problem in the attic or home, contact a roofing expert to conduct a roof inspection. They should tell you if the flashing is loose or damaged.

Roof Blisters

A roof blister is a raised area where there is a loss of adhesion of the roof. This can occur when excessive heat from a poorly ventilated and overheated roof system damages roofing materials. Tresembleslike a bubble on your roof where the affected area is filled with air or water.

Homeowners often ignore small blisters, but they can quickly grow as more air or water accumulates, leading to major roof leakage or damage.

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